VeDiArts Services
If you prefer WordPress platform, your WordPress blog or Woocommerce store can be turned into PWA, giving your users the advantage of the hybrid web app experience, allowing them to add the webapp via Google Play, Samsung store, or Microsoft store. The website owners are able to make content changes and manage their e-commerce without any inconveniences. In the case of developing a downloadable app, the website owner has no control of the front or back end of the site--any single change, such as fixing a typo in the content, has to be done through the app developer at the app owner’s expense. Talk to a VeDiArts representative today to take advantage of PWA technology and start delivering the best online experience to your users, or let our team of experts make a PWA WordPress webapp for you.

In addition, we provide for your existing WordPress site many other services such as audit, tune-up, server migration, mobile optimization and more.
One of the major advantages of PWAs is that they do not require separate bundling or distribution. In particular, there is no requirement for developers or users to install the web apps via digital distribution systems like Apple App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store or Samsung Galaxy Store. Most of the major app distribution platforms support PWAs, allowing them to be found in app stores. The other advantages of PWA is that Google sets high user experience standards for PWA developers. In order for Google to validate the webapp as PWA, the Google Developer has to go through a series of code installations, testing and debugging to achieve capabilities of an app. The three pillars of PWA are Capable, Reliable and Installable. Read more about 3 foundational principles of PWA here.
Do you want to know how your website performs in order to deliver the best web experience to your users? Look no further. The team of the VeDiArs experts will run Google Developer tests on your website and deliver 5 page comprehensive report that will reflect on major metrics: The Site Load Speed across multiple networks and devices, the Site Performance--to determine interactivity lags, the Site Accessibility--checking for issues that may prevent your users from accessing your content, SEO--to insure your site is discoverable, and Best Practices--measures the application of code and points at bugs. Contact VeDiArts representative today for your Comprehensive 5 Page Website Audit.
VeDiArts evolved into a Digital Agency starting as a Search Engine Optimisation consulting firm. We have more than 10 year of experience with SEO helping hundreds of website owners to succeed. All of our developers are Google certified analysts, which is a requirement for working at VeDiArts. Our experience demonstrated that Competition Analysis is the best place to start with your SEO. Do you want to harness the power of the keywords that your competitors pay thousands of dollars for? Ask VeDiArts experts. Do you want to outsmart your competition and rank high going organic? Call VeDiArts today. Organic Search Engine Ranking is the best gift you can give yourself to supercharge your online business.
VeDiArts offers a highly organized scheduled content delivery process to increase your Social Media Presence across multiple platforms to drive quality highly convertible traffic to your websites and apps. First, we determine which Social Media platforms are the most beneficial to your business using Google Analytics--in other words, your users determine which Social Media platform would bring easily convertible traffic to you. We offer private Facebook groups experience to your clients, making them feel like family. We also work with influencers and Social Media personalities to bring attention to your products and services. Contact VeDiArts today to harness the power of Social Media.
A picture worth a thousand words...The most powerful statement is the visual statement. The time of one page “ugly websites” is over--the major online players have already invested into eye catching User Interfaces--open your Facebook app and see for yourself how fast it evolved from flat, boring, plain technical application into a colorful stanning User Experience with gradients and sleek aerodynamic multidimensional forms of its graphical elements. The modern web of 2021 opened its arms to Graphic Designers inviting visual creativity back from the grave of Adobe Flash. As never before, the User Experience became the leader in the world of web technology. Contact VeDiArts representative today to ask how we can turn your ideas into powerful visual statements.

At Ventura Digital Arts, we learn from the greatest online players--we put a lot of time and effort into mastering the same tools, methods and solutions that Amazon, Forbes and Uber use. Do not settle for less, think big and aim high. We are happy to help. Speak to our Public Relations representative today.