Meet Our Team
Andrew Tiyal
Public Relations
Project Management
Andrew is a great People’s People talent with over 5 years in Customer Relations and Business Management. Having a background in digital production, Andrew knows well how to translate Geek into Human. Andrew is responsible for the financial transactions and negotiations. He is a highly organized and responsible business administrator. Andrew’s business style is being Socially Responsible modern entrepreneur--we guarantee, he is one of the best Millenials you have ever met. We are lucky to have him as a CEO of VeDiArts, and we believe that his talents can become one of your greatest assets. He handles most of the communication with the clients and the public since the best use of other VeDiArts associates’ time is programming and creating digital wonders for our clients’ success.
Natasha Maximova
Social Media
Graphic Design
The best person to hack the power of Social Media is Natasha Maximova. She worked in big international campaigns, including political campaigns, and she achieved great results for her clients. Natasha is also an awesome digital artist, the Photoshop guru, and the animation wizard. Natasha knows how to make powerful statements, get the clicks, and acquire armies of the loyal followers. Natasha loves to travel around the world with her laptop and to work from different locations, she is a true Millennial--independent thinker and the creative who found her work-life balance and the calling.
Lana Gulotta
Web Development
Svetlana is the best of two worlds in one person: she has a background in Industrial Design, an Art degree, and currently she is a senior Software Engineering Honors student at CalState University. To take advantage of her past experience with visual arts, Svetlana chose Web Development as her main focus of web engineering studies. Although Svetlana studied for only 3 years at her Software Engineering Program, she was building websites and helping website owners with SEO for over 10 years, as her goal was to become a professional in the High Tech field.

At Ventura Digital Arts, we learn from the greatest online players--we put a lot of time and effort into mastering the same tools, methods and solutions that Amazon, Forbes and Uber use. Do not settle for less, think big and aim high. We are happy to help. Speak to our Public Relations representative today.